051: How To Let Him Know You’re Interested Without Feeling Like You’re Taking The Reigns // The Dudes Series #2 with Jarod Nickerson


Next up in the Dude’s Podcast Series is: Jarod Nickerson. If you missed the last episode, be sure + check out my interview with Jamal Miller:  The #1 Reason He Isn’t Asking You Out (pssst…it’s not what you think).

Let’s jump in! Jarod was full of insight, and mic drop moments as we navigated through your top questions on men, singleness, and relationships:

  1. Do guys know when a girl has a crush on them?
  • Every guy is different, but Jarod mentions that it is possible to be unaware when a girl has a crush. 
  1. Do guys develop attraction over time or does it have to be there from the get-go?
  • A lot of the time, attraction will be there from the start, but it’s possible for the attraction to develop as they get to know a girl.
  • “If someone puts you in the friendzone, don’t try to get out of it—move on.”
  1. Which do you value more: respect or love?
  • Love and respect go hand in hand—it’s pretty impossible to not respect someone you love.
  1. How do I know if he likes me?
  • There are a lot of things to consider: Are they aware of themselves? Are they playing it cool because they’re worried about it going wrong?
  1. Is it true that if he’s interested, he’ll pursue/do whatever it takes to make it happen? 
  • A guy will pursue and do whatever it takes to make it happen until it’s clear she does not want to pursue anything. 
  1. Do you think guys + girls can be just friends?  
  • Jarod believes it is possible but knows there can be confusion for some friendships. It all comes down to being transparent and honest.
  1. How can I let him know I’m interested in more than just friends w/o being too aggressive/forward?
  • Confidence is sexy and honesty is important. Let it out, but don’t hang on it.
  • “If someone can’t handle you being real and honest with them, then they’re probably not someone who is always going to be calling you up and out for the rest of your life.”

  1. Would you date a woman that doesn’t share your worldview/faith?  
  • Jarod says no, in short. He is Christian and would need someone who shares his worldview.
  1. Are you intimidated by a woman w a successful career?
  • He wants the answer to be no, but the honest answer is “probably.”
  • The time when it can feel most intimidating is at the start of a relationship, but he would definitely still ask her out.
  1. What’s something that women do that feels emasculating?
  • Distrust and not supporting his future would be devastating.
  • “Everything magical lies outside of your comfort zone.”
  1. What’s something a woman can do to honor you/makes you feel like a man?
  • Belief—everyone loves to have someone believe in them.
  • Luke Stafford— @itslukestafford (he’s single, ladies!) is a friend who calls him out and he is grateful for it.
  1. What are you looking for in a relationship/partner?
  • “I’m looking for someone who is going to challenge me, push me, and believe in me. I don’t want just a cheerleader.”
  1. Why do you think a lot of guys don’t want to date within their own community i.e. church?
  • He notes the challenges that arise when there is close proximity in this way. If it doesn’t work out—a guy doesn’t want that ‘Scarlett letter.’
  • Don’t let fear be motivating any of your decisions in relationships.
  1. Where are all the single godly men—do you think there are more single than women, or does it just seem like that?
  • “Put your eyes on what has been set before and it will be one of those moments of synchronicity.”
  • The question is rooted in fear.
  • “Ask the Lord to quiet your mind and ask Him to speak.”

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050: The #1 Reason He’s Not Asking You Out (it’s not what you think) The Dudes Series #1 with Jamal Miller


I’m so excited to launch this Podcast Series.  For several months now, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with incredible, godly men all over the United States.  I slid into DMs to BEG…I mean ask legit men to be on my podcast.  All for you ladies…that’s how much I care about y’all!  Why did I do that?  Because, I’ve been compiling the top questions you send me about men and dating for over a year now.  Everything from:  where are all the single men to does he know if I have a crush on him…and everything in-between.

I figured I could answer them.  But heck…why not go straight to the source, and ask the men!  So that’s what I did.  For the next month, I will be rolling out a series of interviews that I hosted with some of the most solid married and single godly men in the US.  So, get your notepads out ladies.  We’re having some #REALTALK.

First up, mogul, entrepreneur, and pastor: Jamal Miller.  Jamal is husband to Natasha, father of two daughters, CEO of @millermediagroup, founder of @marriedandyoung, and online campus pastor at All Nations Chicago. Today, he’s answering some of your top questions about dating. We talk about how he’s an advocate for sliding into those DMs, can guys and girls really be friends, and the number one reason that guy is not asking you out.

From DMs to Real Life

  • Jamal wanted a really special love story, but the way it happened for them was through Facebook. He saw her and slid into her DMs after he saw she loved God.
  • After getting clear on his intentions and discussing the situation with his pastor, he messaged her asking to take it to the next step—a phone call.
  • After this went well, they met in person and eventually met each other’s families and were engaged after six months.

Divorce the Person in Your Head

  • When you’re single, you have this image in your head of the person you’re ‘supposed to’ be with. When you’re in a relationship, you have to get rid of that image.
  • We can get stuck in not feeling connection with those who feel familiar.
  • “Your feelings don’t know your future.”

Friend Zone v Danger Zone

  • Men and women can be friends, but they can’t be best friends. Once you become best friends, that can become the danger zone. Get clear on the potential in the future of the relationship.
  • “Friendship is a breeding ground for marriage.”
  • Everyone fears rejection, so they feel things out before they communicate their intentions—but it’s important to get clear on intentions early on.
  • “If you’re going to be a bad friend, you’re going to be a bad spouse.”

Give Him a Nudge

  • Guys can be insecure and not all of them are comfortable pursuing.
  • Help each other—don’t be afraid to nudge a guy and let him know you are interested in being pursued.
  • Don’t let a timid guy be a deal breaker. Be willing to create the space to allow him to pursue.
  • We’re all afraid of rejection—starting these conversations online can help.
  • Pray for mentors in the lives of men to lift them up—those are future husbands.

How to Be Part of the Solution

  • Take responsibility as a woman and fight for the men in your life.
  • Instead of complaining and lamenting—pray for him.

Keep up with Jamal on Instagram at @jamalmiller and his wife, Natasha, at @natashaannmiller.

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049: How to Find Beauty in the Midst of Pain


We all want the same thing:  to feel loved, known, seen, accepted.  Even so, we’ve somehow become the greatest of pretenders believing we’re only worthy of those things if we’re PERFECT, have it altogether, fit within the mold.

We walk around with this “I’M FINE,” mentality.  Everybody is ‘fine’ with their shiny masks covering their pain.

When did we become so good at hiding?

When did we become so good at pretending?

Why do we think we’re only worthy of love when and if we’re perfect?

Why do we hide our pain and brokenness when it’s one of the most common of human experiences?

We build walls to protect ourselves only to end up in more pain than before as the isolation traps the broken pieces of our lives.

And it’s exhausting.

There’s something endearing being around small children—they don’t know they’re supposed to hide their pain…they cry—they want you to kiss it better—and then they run off and play again.

But at some point we learn to hide…and we become really good at it.

We get kicked and shoved around by life—we get the snot kicked out of us a few times…

so we build walls to protect ourselves. 

We hide our pain—because pain means weakness—we don’t know who is safe + who isn’t to truly let our guards down with

EVERYONE IS WALKING AROUND LIKE THEY’RE FINE + on the inside:  crippled with fear, battling depression, eating disorders, pornography addictions, self-hatred, 

And it’s exhausting

and lonely…

What if we chose to remove the masks and invite others into our pain?

There’s something distinct that happens to us and in us when we experience heartache.  When life hits us like a ton of bricks and everything falls to pieces.

Somehow it’s in those grey areas of our lives that we find unexpected beauty, comfort, rest–it’s counter intuitive and it doesn’t make sense.

What if the existence of brokenness meant that our story isn’t over yet?

What if we believed pain doesn’t have the last word?

What if we removed our masks and invited love, hope, community into those painful areas of our lives?

I think we’d be shocked at the redemption we’d discovered.

Because something transformative happens in the breaking, and it’s in the rebuilding that we experience inexplicable beauty.

With you on the journey,

Kat Harris

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