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Who Am I Without the Titles



Daughter.  Sister.  Friend.  Christian.  Single.  Woman.  Photographer.  Writer.  Speaker.  Blogger.  Entrepreneur.  Business Owner.  Virgin.  Yogi

This tells you what I am, but it doesn’t really tell you who I am.  There’s a big difference between a what and a who.  When I think of what it implies object, a thing.  ‘A what’ is one dimensional.

Apple:  red.

Square:  shape.

Katherine:  blogger.

When we meet people it’s so easy to ask ‘what do you do’.  It’s drilled into our culture.  Society screams at us from all angles You matter because of what you are.  Each time we ask it we affirm that what we do is who we are.  Which if that is that case, then we live in a flat and boring world.

Sunday afternoon I was with a group of women at Pepper Brunch and business coach Cyndie Spiegel, the guest speaker talked about living your dream career.  She had a lot of things to offer us.  But my mind narrowed on this one particular question, and I have not been able to shake it for the last few days.  She asked:

Who are you without the titles?

Yesterday after yoga I curled up on a comfy couch in a quiet corner the studio to journal about this question.  And it was a struggle.  I sat there chewing on the end of my pen and drumming my fingers on a blank page in my journal.  My mind felt blocked.  Instantaneously I could write down what I am.  That was easy to answer, but when it came down to ‘Who is Katherine titles aside’ I was stumped.

Not who is:

Photographer Katherine | Yogi Katherine | Blogger Katherine | Christian Katherine | ‘Who I think others want me to be’ Katherine.

Stripped of all my titles, of all the things that I do, who am I?

Naked and bare.  Who is Soul Katherine?

What is she about?  How does she tick.  What is she scared of?  What are her deepest dreams and desires?  It feels so vulnerable to even allow myself to dig into who that person is.  It feels near impossible then to share with you who I am.

I feel confident in sharing my one-dimensional self with you.  But to write who I am on the inside feels scary.  What if you don’t like her?  Do I like love her?  Do I accept her?  Without my whats am I enough?

After staring at a blank page for what seemed like an hour I timidly started writing a list of who I am.


I believe that I was created by God with purpose, intention, perfectly for a time such as this.  But a lot of times I don’t really live like I was created by the creator of all things.

I wonder how I would be living if I was living as though the above statement were true?

What if I gave myself permission to BE me.

To be the woman God created me to be unapologetically?

What if I allowed myself to be great?

Since I was created this way, why not start living this way?  (As I speak about myself I speak about you too!)

What if we got to know each other as who we are on the inside, not what we do on the outside?

What if we as women (and men) gave each other permission to be great?

Permission to be.

I think we would create a tidal wave of movement in our world.

We are more than a what.  Let’s start living that way.



5 comments on “Who Am I Without the Titles”

  1. I’m incredibly honored to have ignited such beautiful soul searching and wide eyed realizations. So gorgeously written. Without the titles, we’re all the same. This pertains to each and every one of us and I’m so proud of you for unapologetically exploring your own truth.
    I promise, the world will love you even more for doing the work. xx

  2. Hi Kat, I was also at the Pepper Brunch. I’m bummed I didn’t know you were there/didn’t get to finally meet you in person. I remember Emily telling me about you after you guys started the Refined Woman. I also went into a lot of thought after Cyndie asked us that question, but I have to admit, I met up with a friend from out of town after the brunch and didn’t finish thinking about it. It’s hard to think about! Especially now that I’m in graduate school, and that structures so much of my life, and has changed so many aspects of my life compared to when I was working, it’s hard not to immediately think of myself as a student. And honestly, part of how I finally even made it to grad school was being honest about who I am and what I’m passionate about in life! Being here feels like a huge admission of who I am. So, I don’t know how long it will take me to get to an answer, but I’m happy I found this post because it’s a good reminder to keep working at it.

    ~Adelle (Fashionista Lab)

    1. Hey Adelle,
      Thanks so much for sharing your heart here! I wish I would’ve met you too! I think it’s so important to remember that the journey is the destination. And it sounds like you are being open to the adventure that like is offering you + that is incredible. I’m so proud of you!

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