The Top 10 Dating, Singleness + Relationship Episodes You Have to Listen to!


The Top 10 Dating, Singleness, Relationships, and Sex Episodes on The Refined Collective Podcast You have to Listen To.

The Refined Collective Podcast isn’t even a year old yet, but I’ve walked away from each conversation with nuggets of wisdom that have challenged, inspired, and encouraged me to keep moving forward in my life!  I figured it’s high time to start compiling some of our Top 10 most downloaded, and most effective episodes to date.

Maybe it’s because I’m single, but our top 10 downloaded episodes on dating, relationships, sex, and singleness have been some of my personal favorites and judging by the numbers—they’ve resonated deeply with you.

I’m hoping by getting them all in one place you’ll be able to access them with ease, and relive the wisdom imparted by some of my favorite guests. 

Honestly whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, I think these episodes will really bless you.  I’m a note taker—so while you listen to these Top 10 Episodes on dating, relationships, sex, and singleness episodes, grab a pen and paper and jot down some notes!

So let’s jump back into the archives and press play y’all!

“Sex is a powerful force, and he we use it shapes us tremendously.”

Jon Tyson

Episode 010:  Sexless in the City Part II:  Developing a New Vision for Christian Sexuality with Jon Tyson

Many of you have emailed and asked me questions about my story on waiting until marriage to have sex.  In order to serve you better, this I chatted with Church of the City New York pastor, Jon Tyson.  And yes, he was our very first man on our podcast! We talk about the cultural landscape of sexuality in Western culture, and how we got here.  From the sexual revolution, to pornography, to online dating, to sex–we cover a lot of ground. We land on Jon describing what it looks like to develop a Christian vision for sexuality.  If you want a place to start, check out Episode 010.

“Am I crazy for not having sex until I’m married?”

Kat Harris

Episode 007:  Part I — Sexless in the City:  Dating, Relationships, and Sex

Choosing not to have sex until I’m married is a decision I made when I was young. Now, as a 33-year-old living in New York, it can feel like God is testing me. I won’t lie, there were a few times I wanted to abandon my commitment and came close to it. I mean, no longer do I just want a kiss good night—I’ll just say that.  In this episode I share my personal journey through navigating my decision to abstain from sex until marriage.  Even though this decision is the road less traveled in our culture, I feel empowered to wait.  So if you want to check out the full story, listen to Episode 007.

“I stood in front of the judge and told him I wanted a divorce…I tried to ignore the dull ache in my stomach…Buck up girl!  This is what you wanted…”

Cheryl Scruggs, I do Again

Episode 035:  A Story of Reconciliation and Marriage with Cheryl Scruggs

An affair, separation, split homes and children, divorce…and then the unexpected happened:  God captured their hearts.  After years of divorce and pain Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs reconciled and remarried.  Just typing this gives me chills.  Their story is one of hope, restoration, and God making the seemingly impossible possible. You have to listen to Cheryl share her insight on Episode 035.

“Before she even knew that there was a man anywhere near or for her, she only knew her creator.”

Arielle Estoria

Episode 025:  Dancing with our Creator:  Singleness and Faith with Arielle Estoria

“Words not for the ears, but for the soul.” This is Arielle Estoria’s mantra. She is a writer, speaker, and creative based in Los Angeles, CA. She graciously shares some spoken word with us! One line that stands out for me is “When is the last time you danced with your creator?” Tune in to the episode to hear her beautiful poem and our conversation about love, prayer, and singleness. Listen to Episode 025.

“Rejection is Protection.”

Amanda Blair

Episode 037:  Amanda Blair Hopkins

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s the road to healing and wholeness is not linear.  Amanda Blair Hopkins is not only a dear friend (we met on a yoga retreat:), she is an expert love coach based in LA and NYC. She is my go-to person when I have questions about dating, healthy boundaries, getting clear about what I want in a partner, and how-to practice the art of dating.  Oh it’s definitely an art.  She lives by example, and is committed to her growth and development and serving men and women who are longing for that same healing and wholeness.  Her episode is filled with truth bombs, so grab a pen and paper and listen to Episode 037. (This episode is going live in a few weeks!! Hang in there..you’re not gonna want to miss this one!)

From the Friend Zone to the End Zone

Quddus + Carmina

Episode 018:  From Friend Zone to the End Zone with  Quddus and Carmina

Watch our Beyoncé and Jay-Z, there’s a new power couple in town:  Carmina and Quddus. These newlyweds were in the friend zone for almost a decade before they started dating.  I’m in love with their love story.  These two are founders of Camera Ready, a media coaching company.  I have been under their mentorship for several years now, and they have taught me so much. This episode we’re going to talk about their story, love, self-development, and the  masculine and feminine energy.  Tune into Episode 018.

“That’s the power of a vision.  It disciplines you…it teaches you what to say yes to and what to say no to.”

Joel Brown

Episode 021:  How to Connect with Your Vision and Purpose with Joel Brown

Joel Brown is based in Bali, and has such a powerful vision for the world. His business is Addicted 2 Success motivates people to pursue their vision in life. He has worked alongside greats in the field like Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk. He sees potential and actively serves people to reach beyond that potential. In this episode, we talk about vision and purpose for his business, God, himself, and others.  While we only talk a little bit about relationships the principle of developing a vision for your dating and relationship life is so applicable.  In order to know how to walk out the present, we must know where we’re heading.  That includes getting laser clear on the type of relationship and marriage you want too.  Check out Joel and his wisdom on Episode 021.

“Girl, unless you’re going to be marrying the FedEx guy, God is not going to be dropping a man at your doorstep.”

Kait Warman

Episode 017:  The Heart of Dating:  A Conversation with Kat Warman

Kait Warman is an LA-based lifestyle blogger, inspirational speaker, creator of one of iTunes top podcasts “The Heart of Dating”. She is a dear friend and single Christian woman. She is particularly focused on heartbreak, relationships, and how to actually date in our culture today.  Her mission is to empower women to have the courage to own their story, walk in victory, and thrive with purpose. Her hope is that the dating world will change. We talk all about navigating the world of dating as Christian women in today’s culture.  Tune in to Episode 017 stat.

“We are treated, the way we treat ourselves.”

Carmina Becerra

Episode 014:  How to Be a Powerful Woman with Carmina Becerra

Before we can even begin to think about receiving love from another person, we have to start with ourselves.  I used to think all of my insecurities, fears, and unworthiness issues would dissipate if I could just meet and marry an incredible man.  Let me tell you:  it does NOT work that way.  A diamond ring doesn’t magically fix anything.  We must be committed to doing the internal work of learning to truly see ourselves as the whole, perfect, and beautiful women God created us to be before we can ever look outward.  Carmina Becerra is an expert at supporting women in doing just this.  Our conversation gives me chills.  Tune into Episode 014 ASAP!

The Superpower of Sex.

Johan Khalilian

Episode 015:  Jesus, Desire, and the Deconstruction of Sex with Johan Khalilian

So what do you do when your career has revolved around you speaking to young people about abstinence, and then you sleep with your girlfriend?  That’s what happened to Ted Talk Speaker and Executive Coach Johan Khalilian a few years ago.  He opens up about his experience having sex for the first time, and the deconstruction that proceeded.  The realization of how much of his identity was wrapped around his sex life–or lack there of.  This episode is one of my favorites.  Johan is vulnerable and shares his story and struggle with authenticity.  Listen to Episode 015 here.

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