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The Black Skirt


Y’all wanna know a secret? Doing a jumping shot in high heels is a lot harder than it looks.  This took me about 57 tries.  I almost sprained an ankle, and Em and I laughed way too much!  Mad respect to Karlie Kloss and all the other models who can probably do this in one take.

Recently Amy from Dallas Wardrobe posted a similar outfit. I loved how chic and effortless it felt.  Then I got really excited when I realized I could recreate it with pieces I already had in my closet.

This outfit began with the shoes.  I wear a size 10 which means I can rarely borrow shoes from my friends.  That my roomate is a size 10 means more to me than you know!  When she gets rid of old shoes I get first dibs.

She was getting rid of these boots and I snatched them from her donation bag wondering why in the world she was getting rid of them.  Now I know: they’re terribly uncomfortable.   And I’m all about comfort.  But I don’t even care with these babies.  I feel sassy and sexy when I wear them.  Will I wear them everyday?  No way.  But when I do, it’s worth the pain.

I love that social media gives us access to so much inspiration.  You may not have the exact same pieces as someone else does.  Don’t let that stop or discourage you.  Get creative with what you have!  You’ll be surprised with the fun looks you can come up with!



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