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OUTFIT : Summer Stripes


I’ve had a lot of time for instagram browsing in the past few months while I’ve been on maternity leave, and I’ve spent a large amount of that time investigating new fashion brands. This outfit represents a few new favorites of mine.

The top is from Me + Arrow, I love their minimal basic pieces. I officially own too many stripes, but I love this soft cotton-linen blend boxy tee.

These pants are my new favorite from Ilana Kohn. She makes really dramatic silhouettes in beautiful neutrals. I also own this jumpsuit from her that is totally capsule wardrobe material for me. Her pieces are investments but I recently discovered an Instagram account where people list their old clothes, so I managed to grab these for almost 50% off retail and they were brand new. Have you ever missed the return window on an expensive item? Try selling it here!

My sandals are by Beatrice Valenzuela, and I love her minimal (sensing a theme here) aesthetic and her passion for ethical production. I love supporting brands that not only make beautiful clothes but pay workers a fair living wage.

Also, this bag!  It might not be super practical for my life right now but pretty things make me happy so sometimes I like to #treatmyself

Sometimes you only manage to nab a few shots before your kids need you. So then the next best option is just to put them in the photo, clearly.

Yeah I’m not sure he is real, either.



photos by Gina Foti


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