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Spring Whites, Take two


capsule wardrobe / spring whites

Since Kat and I shoot all our capsule outfits for the blog before each season, we try to come up with combos of outfits we think we are going to be wearing the most. Sometimes I don’t end up wearing those outfits very much (i.e the flares) and that can feel crummy, but it is teaching me a lot about what I need out of my wardrobe.

Thankfully sometimes these capsule photoshoots cause me to come up with outfits that I wouldn’t have otherwise have tried. For today’s post, I discovered an outfit I wear all the time!
The reason why might be pretty obvious:  this tunic and these linen trousers are one step up from pajamas, which has always been my sweet spot.

capsule wardrobe / spring whites

I’m realizing that when it comes to my closet, comfort trumps most other criteria. Even when I know an outfit isn’t doing me any favors, it just doesn’t matter when I’m standing in front of my closet in the morning. All I want are those baggy pants. They make me comfortable and happy.

I think this is the beginning of the journey I should have seen coming all along: make sure it’s comfortable first, then if it’s interesting, maybe I’ll end up keeping it for more than one season. Perhaps eventually I will decide, like Kat, that all-white-everything isn’t the most practical choice (whether you’re living the city life or dealing with a grubby toddler) but for now I’m holding on to the last vestiges of my pre-motherhood frivolities.

capsule wardrobe / spring whites

capsule wardrobe / spring whites

I love this tunic from my friends at The Podolls  The fabric is comfortable and durable, and I like the mid-length sleeves, which can be rolled up or down. It also looks great with skinny jeans or leggings and ankle boots.

The pants are from Elizabeth Suzann and they’re made of incredibly soft linen.  They look fabulous when worn high-waisted with a top tucked in, or worn low around my hips with a longer tunic top.

These were definitely investment pieces, and I am proud to support brands that produce their garments ethically in the USA. I brought both pieces with me to our recent trip to Charleston and they were the 2 workhorses of my vacation — because if you ever truly need to be comfortable, it’s definitely on vacation… especially one where you’re stuffed full of Southern food!



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