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Pizza + Wine | What a Girl Wants…



[Graphic by:  Jenna Kutcher]

I get back from LA on Monday, and he asks me out for Wednesday.  We’re going to a pizza place in Brooklyn, and evidently it’s one of the best places for pizza…or so he says.

For a few reasons I’m excited:

  1. I get to hang out with him.  #duh
  2. Ummm Pizza (I could eat it every day, but really I could).
  3. It’s like a real date + I can like get dressed up!

We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks now and it’s been a week since we saw each other last.  The day after we hung out last week I went to LA for work for five days.

We texted throughout my trip, and as I headed to a client meeting I got a picture of him with my friend that introduced us.  They were having brunch on his terrace on what looked like the perfect New York City day.  I don’t know what was cuter, the fact that he was having people over for brunch on a Sunday, or that he was thinking of me and wanted to send me a picture.  (definitely the latter right?)

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something.  With other guys I would always wonder ‘will I hear from him’, ‘should I call him’, ‘what’s next’…

But there’s no pressure with him.  He likes me, and I like him, and I feel secure in that.  It’s a new feeling for me.  I know I’ll hear from him, I trust that he’ll make movement towards me.

He pursues, and I respond, and it makes me feel like such a woman.  No games; it’s freeing.

One thing I like about our time so far is that we met  when I was in workout clothes and no make-up, he’s seen me completely disheveled, and our last time hanging out we were working out.  He appreciates me for me, and not this “made-up” version of myself.

Still though, what girl doesn’t want to do her hair + make-up + wear her new sassy kimono wrap?

It’s 8:00, and we’re meeting at 8:30.  I should probably head out to go grab a bottle of wine; it’s BYOB.  It’s been raining most of the day, but I peer out the window and it looks dry.  I grab my purse and keys and run out the door.

(Note to self:  no matter what never leave your house without an umbrella in New York City…especially when you’re on your way to a date and especially when it’s been raining all day #rookiemistake)

After going to three different places I finally found a bottle of red wine, and there was definitely dust on the bottle.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the best wine in town.

Either way, wine in hand I walk to the restaurant.  When I’m two blocks away, it starts to rain.  And when I say rain, I mean RRRRRRRRAIN.  It is a downpour, and within 2.5 seconds every inch of me is sopping wet.  All I can do is laugh.  I mean really though.

I run to the restaurant, but it makes no difference at this point.  He’s waiting for me under the awning of the restaurant.

I am a sight to be seen I am sure.

I walk up to him, and dripping wet I give him a kiss and we both laugh at my unbelievable appearance.  Honestly though; it was like right out of a movie.  Before we were sat, I was ringing out my hair, and had to take off my kimono to wring all the water out.

For some reason I didn’t care; it was funny.  (I feel like God is determined to keep me humble throughout this whole process.)

Though it’s been a week since the last time we saw each other, we pick right back up.  We sat in a corner of the restaurant; it’s dark and candlelit and it felt really romantic. (Gosh who knew I was such a romantic?)

In between red wine and wood fired pizza, we talked about our lives, our families, traveling, and it flowed.

We laugh, we drink, we eat, and it felt good.

It’s easy to be with him.  It’s slow.  There’s no rush.

Two hours later I notice that we’re the last customers in the restaurant.  Our waitress is sitting in a corner counting her tips.  He grabs my hand, leans across the table and gives me a kiss.

It was perfect.**

He walks me home, it’s still drizzling, and kisses me good night.

“When can I see you again”, he says.

“Soon…” I say.  (wondering if he can hear me say in my head…tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day).



**[I want to stand on the table, and get everyone’s attention just to make sure they all saw that.  I mean hello guys…I’m with the cutest guy in here and he totally just kissed me.  Thankfully for all parties involved I contain myself].

5 comments on “Pizza + Wine | What a Girl Wants…”

  1. still loving this series, and relishing along with you in the details of this date. I remember that feeling of dating ease. Like, there’s no rush because we have a lifetime of meals to share and unending hours of togetherness ahead. No need to rush, since we’ll share it all together. Such a delicious prospect…
    eagerly awaiting each installment!

  2. I am so enjoying reading your story! Thank you for writing it down for the rest of us! It is very encouraging to read. Your last post really made me think and gave me new perspective on the dating world as a Christian woman who has chosen to be set apart and live (and date) in a different way than was is considered “normal”. So again thank you for sharing and being open and honest! You have truly impacted me and really made me think!

  3. Butterflies in my stomach! This is just how it was when I first met my now-husband 7 years ago. No pressure, no games, no doubts, just confidence and fun and comfort. I only just came to your blog via Blogzilla Studio and I have to say, I’m hooked!

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