OUTFIT | Kimono Time | Part II



It’s safe to say that Em + I pride ourselves on creating outfits that look fancy, but are uber comfy.  A common question I ask myself before leaving the house is “can this extremely comfortable (almost sweatpants) outfit be considered cool IRL (in real life)”.  If the answer is a yes, then I am the happiest gal in town.

Ever since Em posted her Kimono outfit from Bali this summer, I have been on the hunt for the perfect one and let me tell you it has been quite the venture.

We recently stumbled upon this great online boutique called Morning Lavender, and after spending more than an hour on their site, wanting one of everything I found this awesome kimono!

A kimono a.k.a. a glorified robe is a piece that I typically think of as very casual, so my challenge to myself was to create a look that felt sassy and glamorous.  After sending Em about 20 different pictures of outfits, we came up with this one, and I love it.

(I mean my new Leather Pants are pretty stellar…right?)

Full disclosure…I wore this outfit on a date last week, and we’ll just say the date went very well 🙂

Ladies hop on over to Morning Lavender + check out their rad collection + grab yourself this sassy + comfy kimono!








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