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After my initial melt down(s) when I did my ‘purge’ I was ready to analyze the things that didn’t work in my wardrobe and figure out what was working.  Something I’ve learned about myself:  I love the idea of pencil skirts.  But the reality is that they are not conducive to my lifestyle.  I got rid of at least 4 pencil skirts in my purge.  I love the way they look.  You instantly look put  together and classy.  But whenever I’d wear them, I’d spend half the day with my skirt crawling up my thighs while constantly twisting my skirt back to the right side.  The slit in the back would always find it’s way to the front.  It was maddening.  Living in a city where I walk an average of 8 miles a day, I realized pencil skirts are not my friends.

Without writing a whole ode to the maxi skirt I’ll just say that floor length skirts in a dirty city aren’t the greatest idea either.

So by finding out what wasn’t working in my wardrobe, I discovered what could work really well.  Enter the midi skirt. (Also enter my first experience shopping at Aritzia…ummmm…I want everything there).

After going through my closet and finding what didn’t work, I made a small list of items that I wanted to invest into for the fall.  A Midi Skirt was one of them.  Not being a person who likes shopping, going into a store with a plan has made my life 1,000 times easier.  I no longer saunter in and out of stores and find myself going home with a bag of things I don’t really love.  I’m a woman on a mission who knows what she’s looking for.  I tried on this skirt at Aritzia, and put 4 separate looks together with it (tank, sweater, chambray button-up, silk cami + cardigan).  After sleeping on it for a few days I went back and purchased it.

Over the last month I’ve worn it multiple times and love it with my old JCrew turtleneck.  It’s perfect for fall, and I’m excited to transition the skirt into the spring and summer as well.

Since I’ve decreased my options significantly and paired my closet down to the things I really love and know look good on my figure it’s made getting ready so much easier.  (A lot less moments where I fall on my bed face first saying “I have nothing to wearrrrrrrr today.”  Instead I have a few great go-to outfits that I know I’ll feel great in! )

Bam.  Capsule #2 for the win y’all!







Photos c/o Em the Gem

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