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Outfit : Em’s Capsule #4 | Slouch Status



Simple and slouchy forever! 

I can’t help it but I’ve always loved anything that is more like loungewear and less like real clothes.

I love basic pieces, but I think that two things keep simple pieces from being boring. A unique silhouette or drape and interesting fabric. I love the way this soft cotton top drapes, it’s almost like a tunic so it goes just as well with skinny jeans as it does with these harem pants.

These harem pants get a lot of play because they are made of cupro – which feels like silk but washes like cotton. Perfect for a messy day in toddler town but nice enough for a photography gig.

IMG_2319 IMG_2321 IMG_2328

Thanks to Ashley Kelemen for snapping these pics and to Melissa Hoffmann for my rad hair and makeup. I promise these two make me look WAY cooler than I really am in real life.




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