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Every year my mom and her two sisters have a sister trip.  Rain or shine, no matter the schedule, the things that have to be shifted around the trip has happened 10 straight years.

For years my sisters and I talked about what it would be like when we were grown ups and were old enough to take our own sisters trip!

Well last year was our inaugural trip.  Both Laura + Caroline visited me in LA, and we knew it was the start of a very long tradition.  This year was the trip of all trips (so far!)…we met in Paris for 8 days + then went to Ireland to visit our Aunt Ann.

This trip was a trip for the soul.  Yes yes yes…Paris was magical + I cannot wait to share my film pictures with y’all, and Ireland quieted my busy distracted soul.  It was grounding to be away from the hustle and bustle + be with (literally) my soul sisters.  We walked the gardens of Versailles having some of the most raw and beautiful conversations of our lives.  We sipped wine and played cards under the eiffel tower.  We got in fights, we laughed, we cried, we sat in silence over the Cliffs of Moher in Irelands, and together we became unified and just were.  God met us deeply in that space, and more than the crepes + beautiful sites I will remember the sweet moments with my precious sisters.

I cannot wait for next year’s adventurous sister trip!  My vote is Cinque Terre, Italy!


So yes these pics were taken on my iPhone by my amazing sister!  My fotostrap was perfect for my 35 mm film camera on this trip.  As for my outfit I found this dress at Zara in Paris + it has quickly become my new favorite dress + was perfect for traveling!  I paired it with converses during the trip, but it can easily be worn with wedges, or a blazer and pumps in the fall.

Yaaaa for versatility + yaaa for Zara being like soooo amazing in Paris!!






Oh ya…my sister surprised me with a Longchamp for my birthday while we were there!!! I’m a lucky lady!

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