My mom is…


… curious about everything. She has a stack of books on her bedside table, and she knows the books she wants to check out at the library next.   She also mails me articles she thinks I’ll find interesting.

Growing up she made us a homemade meal every single night, and to this day she still does.  She is always researching and trying new recipes — last week she tried a new recipe for chicken Parmesan.

No matter her age she wants to learn, grow, and try new things.  I hope I can be as curious as my mom is!  I love you mamma! – Katherine Harris

my mom is a giver

… the most empathetic person I know. If someone needs a hand, is in the hospital, or needs a ride somewhere, she is always the first to offer her help. She may carry around too many of her own and other’s worries, but she has taught me that the simplest gesture can be a major help.

Mom, you’re a constant reminder that connections with others and sharing a loving hand is so important for our overall wellbeing and keep us grounded.  – Dianna Miranda

… incredibly smart.  As a kid I just thought everyone’s mom knew how to reupholster furniture or create their own Victorian herb garden, but as an adult I can see that when she wants to learn something she finds a way to figure it out.

She is always curious and her heart is open to new discovery. Our family has had countless conversations about things like the latest biblical archeological discovery and black holes. Her questioning mind sometimes works against her – she usually anticipates the ending of a book or movie, and she can be hard to surprise!

Mom, I love that you are never threatened by new information, and I’m inspired by your brilliant mind. – Elizabeth Boocks

my mom is strong

… so strong. She carries every sadness, worry, and anxiety her children have, and guides us through them without hesitation.

When I was sobbing with worry the day before moving in to college, she was there to comfort me, help me pack my bags, and make sure I was out the door to Newport. A long time later she told me that she cried on the way home after she dropped me off at school. But in the moments I needed strength, she gave it

Looking back as a graduating senior, I have so much I owe to my mother. I am constantly trying to find that same strength, and she is guiding me toward it every day. –Kitty Williams









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