May We… (A Prayer)



This year, we are grateful to the many women who have shared their voices and their stories with us here on The Refined Woman.

Last month we featured our first poet, Danielle Bennett, and her inspirational piece She Rally; and her words resonated with all of us who needed to be reminded that we are strong enough to weather whatever storm we might encounter.

This month we are so excited to reflect with Danielle again as she shares a vision for Thanksgiving, full of light and love.

May We… (A Prayer)

by Danielle Bennett

We spend an entire day choosing how to flavor the room

My mother’s warm laugh fills a broken house & lights the candles

I sit next to the bouquet of brilliant thunder I fell in love with

We all hold each other’s hands like they are worthy of it

We invite the scars & trophies to share their stories &

honor them like elders

We laugh & cry in the same measure

When someone spills their wine,

we bless the stain & refill their glass with stars

We only pick up our knives to use with food

One by one

we thank

those we attempted to love before we knew what loving really was,
those who stayed when we couldn’t understand why,
the river that bore us here,
the ways fog has taught us to trust,
the way it reminds us we are giant vapor,
buzzing for a time like exactly right now

No one rushes to finish

My sisters mop the floor with doowop dancing

There is healing in their hips


If words create worlds,

then somewhere

this is real for us.

Somewhere we understand abundance

not as an IV drip, but as a flood waiting for us to swim

We know the only thing we need more of

is simplicity.  Nothing is missing.

Everything belongs but we choose

to sniff out the cinnamon in a moment &

when delight creeps in,

the way it does

when we are brimming with gratitude,

we allow it.


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