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Kat’s Winter Capsule: 21 Pieces



Now that I’m doing the Capsule Wardrobe I feel a lot more clear headed about my wardrobe.  I didn’t realize how much aimless shopping I did until I gave myself a strict wardrobe list and budget for each season.

For instance, although I have a lot of button-ups, I would periodically wander into JCrew and want to buy three more. Now, when I walk into a store, I have plan.  I’m no longer lured in by those crisp white button-up sirens.  I know I’m looking for a few feminine tops to add to my wardrobe, and feel no rush or pressure to add them.

I’ve also realized I don’t need that many options.  In high school I was careful not to repeat an outfit for at least 3 weeks.  Now I wear the same thing multiple times a week.  Who cares if my outfits are repetitive? If I feel beautiful and confident, that’s all that matters.

I also feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I can think creatively about my wardrobe.  Doing a Capsule Wardrobe means I am very blessed.  I have a roof over my head, and food on my table. I am safe, healthy, and have meaningful relationships.  To dream up a fun wardrobe is a gift not everyone has, and I don’t take that lightly.

Right off the bat you’ll notice a few things about my Winter Capsule:

  • Yoga pants  – If my yoga pants were a person, she’d be my best friend that I’d tell all my secrets too. Workout clothes don’t count in the Capsule Wardrobe, which is a major plus because I wear them every day.  But I want to be honest about what I actually wear, and it’s yoga pants.  I love them.
  • A cocktail dress – Technically cocktail dresses don’t count either.  But another big part of my life is being a bridesmaid. I’ll be a bridesmaid for the 17th time next week.  So it seemed fitting to include this bridesmaid dress, which I’ve been able to wear as a cocktail dress.

I’m excited about my Winter Capsule.  I feel good in all of these outfits, and I only purchased two new things: an amazing black romper (on sale for $29 — go Madewell), and an off-the-shoulder dress that will transition nicely into spring and summer.

Here’s the breakdown:

6 Bottoms:

  • yoga pants  – My favorites are Wunder Unders by Lululemon
  • dark skinny jeans  – Seriously the most comfortable pair of jeans I own
  • white jeans  – Wearing white in the winter makes me feel like I’m adding light to a very dark and cold NYC winter world
  • boyfriend jeans  – again…comfort!
  • romper  – A good romper is like the one stop shop.  Love it.
  • leggings   – #comfort

10 Tops

3 Dresses + Skirts

2 Coats

  • puffer jacket (no link needed…just go into any Uniqlo)
  • wool jacket – going on my 3rd year with this investment purchase from JCrew



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