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Kat’s Not-So-Summer-Capsule Wardrobe



Photos c/o Sara Kerens + Tutti del Monte

My Not-So-Summer-Capsule

You know those girls who glisten rather than sweatI happen to do the opposite of glisten:  Buckets of water run from my pores once it gets over 70 degrees outside. One of my best friends glistens.  It’s magical.  We’ll do an hour workout in a hundred degree yoga classroom, and when we leave I am tempted to throw away my sloshy wet workout clothes, while my friend is merely flushed in the cheeks with an amazing glow.

Summer in New York City is special. I don’t mind the heat — after six months of freezing weather I welcome it with open arms.  But it is hot, humid, and sticky.

My sole goal in the summertime is to feel cool and comfortable.  While I have a few pieces I’d consider to be Capsule-worthy, most of my summer clothes last one to two seasons because I ruin them with all the aforementioned sweat.  (Is this TMI?  Am I the only one?)

Each summer I purchase a few inexpensive, breezy dresses that I will live in for the next few months.  I feel ok with them only lasting a few months if I haven’t spent too much on them.  I cannot tell you how many expensive silk blouses and dresses I have ruined due to the summer heat.

My goal for this summer capsule series is to be as honest as I can about what I am actually wearing, and what my day-to-day life really looks like.  I feel excited about these posts, because they feel like me.  We shot all the posts in my neighborhood, in my subway stop, on the streets I walk every single day.  I smile just thinking about it because I feel they really reflect me.  And I think that’s one of the most important lessons I’m learning through this experiment:  getting to know and embrace who I am more.

So bear with me as I venture into my ‘not-so-summer’ capsule.

This Summer’s Add-ons

  • 2 pairs of comfy wedges from Target:  one in black + one in camel.  I buy a pair of cheap and comfortable sandals every summer.  These were $30 each, and so far I’ve worn them both multiple times a week.
  • White Cotton Tank.
  • Black Cotton loose shorts
  • White Flowy Bohemian Dress.
  • A Sassy Summer dress that I can do twirls in.

My Summer Staples

  • White + Blue denim cut-off shorts
  • My faithful year-round skinny jeans
  • Light weight romper
  • Beach Cover-up
  • White Silk Tank
  • Blue Denim Gauchos
  • White V-Neck T
  • Black Maxi Dress
  • One Piece Bathing Suit + Black Bikini



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  1. Great choices all around! I especially love your romper and swimsuit! Would you mind sharing where you got them? 🙂

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