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Beauty Is…Multidimensional



“Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a fine art wedding photographer.”

Often times when meeting someone new, the first thing we ask them is “what they do.”  This conversation leads to work talk over life talk and they usually walk away only knowing one tiny piece of the puzzle that makes you, you. But I am here to proclaim that who we are is not what we do.

When I lead with that you only get to know that one tiny aspect of my life and the conversation is so focused on what we do that we never get to the part where we talk about who we are at the core of our being.


Sure, I shoot photographs for a living but that doesn’t touch on the fact that I am a loving wife, a puppy mom, a Christ follower, a watercolor artist, a lover of sour gummy worms, and an advocate for yoga pants. I allow people to form their opinion of me based on what I do to make a living and in turn they fails to see the rest of the beauty in my life. I am truly convinced that beauty is multifaceted and cannot be defined by what we do but by who we are (on the inside and out.)

They say that time is money, but to me, time is life.


What we spend our days doing are what we spend our life doing and I want to fill each day with as much beauty as I can possibly muster.

Beauty is multifaceted. What do I mean by this? I mean that we can’t define it with one word or characteristic. It exudes from within and is something that each and every person has, whether or not they choose to recognize it.

It starts on the inside and works it way into every aspect of our lives – should we allow it to. Defining beauty with one word is cutting the true meaning of it short, just like defining a human by what they do to make a living isn’t an accurate way to learn who they truly are.

One question I ask every client is “What in life are you most passionate about?” I don’t care if they are a barista or a nurse, a mechanic or an engineer. I want to know what makes your heart beat fast, what fires you up about life, what makes your soul shine – because when people talk about their passions, they glow and the world is filled with more beauty.

Beauty is multi dimensional. 

It isn’t described through one adjective, and it encompasses who we are deep down into our soul. It is finding your passion and chasing it with reckless abandon so that the world is filled with people who have come fully alive with joy. Beauty is being proud that we are more than the title of our job, and beauty is sharing that truth with others. When we talk about what we love and when we do the things that make us happy, we are proving that there is more beauty out there when it is unconfined.

Let your joy be unconfined, re-define beauty by not jumping to conclusions, judging from appearances, or allowing yourself to be confined by one sentence that tells people absolutely nothing about your soul.

You are multifaceted and brilliant and beautiful – share that with the world. 



Photos by:  Life Tree Photography

Print by:  Jenna Kutcher

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