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Holiday Party TIME | Part I



Dress by BHLDN
My everyday wardrobe includes many shades of white, cream, grey and denim…but once the holidays roll around I like to play with color and texture and take a break from my normal minimalism.
In seasons past I have tended toward an all black look, sometimes accentuated by red lipstick and a sequined holiday vest. Since becoming a mom I don’t have as many opportunities to dress up (code for: I spend all day in sweatpants). A holiday party is an opportunity to really go for it, style wise. More is more is more — so why not throw a feathered shrug on top of a brocade gown?
Dressing up has a miraculous effect on my mood, and makes me look forward to when I can dress up more often. Until then, dressing up now and then is always a good idea.
Need a party dress?  Lay-days…we love BHLDN!  They have some great holiday pieces!

trw_holiday_bhldn-2 trw_holiday_bhldn-3 trw_holiday_bhldn-4

This post was in collaboration with BHLDN and Darling Magazine.

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