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Beauty is… Gratitude


Gratitude for…

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Waking up in my white, light-filled room with my white duvet cuddled with my gazillion pillows in the morning.

That first sip of coffee I drink in the morning with my journal and Bible next to me.

Having a roof over my head.

Oxygen in my lungs.

Food in my cabinets.

The physical health that allows me to live in and tromp around this crazy city.

Legs that work, and a body that is able to go to yoga every day.

When my roomate surprises me after a trip and has organized my office with new shelving.

Making silly videos at Central Park midweek with my best friend while singing Cinderella and Finding Nemo songs loudly and to our hearts desire.

Getting to say if my siblings weren’t related to me I’d still want to be best friends with each of them.

Mom always being there.  When we were sick, and when we were well, and even now to give me pep talks when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

Dad’s sobriety, and the redemption story that God has given our family.

Sneaking melted peanut butter M&Ms and popcorn into the movies.



That moment when I realize the guy I’ve secretly been liking, likes me back.

That moment when I realize the guy I’ve secretly been liking, doesn’t like me back.

New York City nights that carry you through different neighborhoods and dive bars that play 90’s R&B and hip-hop until 4 a.m.

My Adidas sneakers that I wear every single day.


This blog.

The moment I get to witness over and over again as a wedding photographer when a groom sees his bride for the first time.

When the father of the bride sees his daughter in her gown for the first time.

Grabbing drinks with two soul friends that I haven’t talked to in ages and immediately diving to the bottom of the ocean.

Feeling known.

A good red lipstick.

Slow mornings in Argentina with Croissants and machiattos.

Letting go of the attachment to where I thought I’d be right now, and embracing the present.



Did I say laughing?

Laughing some more.

Crying tears of heartache in my best friend’s lap.

When she tells me she told him ‘I love you’ for the first time.

When my little sister cuddles next to me in bed and tells me things she doesn’t tell other people.

Missing my family.

Dad sending me flowers when I’m sick.

Discovering I have a new favorite song and knowing I’m gonna love it from the first few chords.

Playing said song on repeat for four hours the first day I find it (and making my Spotify profile private…and this may or may not be a Justin Bieber song right now:).

Today.  Because we weren’t promised it.

Each season, day, moment, mistake, breathe, step, laughter, tear, kiss, sip of red wine, is a gift.

It’s all a gift.

And I’m so very grateful.



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