[GIVEAWAY] Purpose Dresses


*This giveaway is now closed! Congrats Lexi on winning! And thank you to everyone who commented and entered!*

Today we are excited to feature Purpose Boutique!

purpose dresses / the refined woman

We truly believe that how you shop matters to the world. Supporting companies that are good for the environment, ethical, and promote justice seems like the least we can do.

Em’s wearing the Navy Christine dress from the Purpose Dress line and today we are hosting a giveaway for one Purpose dress and one accessory!

These dresses are not only comfy – they are cute, versatile and an awesome wardrobe staple for any closet. And the most beautiful thing about this line is that these dresses are made by survivors of injustice in Austin, Texas – giving them hope and dignity as artisans is a pretty rad mission.


Leave a comment below and tell us a fun fact about yourself and you’ll be entered to win!

If you share this blog post on facebook/twitter/instagram please tag us @therefinedwoman and @purposeboutique and leave a comment with a link to that post for extra entries!

Winner will be chosen at random on Thursday 5/8 and notified via email. Open to US Residents only.

purpose dresses / the refined woman

purpose dresses / the refined woman

purpose dresses / the refined woman

purpose dresses / the refined woman





This post is in collaboration with Purpose Dresses. Thanks for supporting posts that keep The Refined Woman’s doors open. 


97 comments on “[GIVEAWAY] Purpose Dresses”

  1. So beautiful! A fun fact about myself is finally, after 26 years of not knowing how, I just learned to hoola hoop like a champ : )

  2. A fun fact about me is i dont repeat braided hairstyles like ever. Because a basic braid can be transformed into so many pretty hair-do’s

  3. Cute dresses! My fun fact is that I keep track of where all the ice cream shops near me are, and often suggest where to eat based on how close it is to the nearest ice cream shop. 🙂

  4. A comfortable, beautiful dress that can be accessorized for any occasion! Looks great giving a lecture or addressing the United Nations. This dress is perfect for the refined woman 😉

  5. I’m so glad you introduced me to this shop! Fact: I love popcorn and eat it like it’s my job. (Boom Chicka Pop= THE BEST)

  6. I’m addicted to Purpose Store!!! I love the clothes and jewelry and makes me feel even better knowing I’m supporting great causes!!!

  7. Fun fact: my favorite animal is a narwhal. Yes they are real. No the horn is not used for jousting (unfortunately)

  8. A fun fact about me is that it makes me happy to have my clothing, books, DVD’s, in rainbow order….

  9. A fun fact about myself is that I have never been to a Boutique before going to Purpose Boutique! I love going into the store and getting amazing help from the lovely ladies! They always have great fashion sense and great advice!

  10. I love to knit!!! And I love shopping at Purpose! So cool to have such an amazing shop minutes from my house!!

  11. I’m a college student and work as a CNA so when I get the chance to dress up, I ALWAYS shop at purpose! I also love going there because the girls always make me feel like I can buy the entire store and everything will still be okay. Haha

  12. Hi! My name is Catherine, a fun fact about me is I married a teenager!! My husband was 18 when we got married, I was 23!!! We have been married 17 years this June!

  13. I will become a new mom this Friday right in time for Mothers Day! As I will be welcoming my first child into this world

  14. I absolutely love my Purpose dress! A fun fact is I’m entering to win one for my beautiful mother! She’s recently lost a lot of weight and deserves a beautiful, versatile dress to feel beautiful in! She’s kind hearted, generous and giving. This would be a wonderful Mother’s Day treat for her!

  15. I love to shop and enjoyed finding Purpose. Love my new dress and pant. I am looking forward to more shopping. ..

  16. Fun fact? As a young girl I always said I wanted to be a pastors wife….I ended up marrying a man named Josh Pastor. So I am a Pastor wife 😉 highly ironic

  17. I love this dress and this giveaway! Thanks so much for doing this:) A ‘fun’ fact about me is that I love cooking for people. I’m happiest when my house is full of people and noise and food!

  18. The fun fact about me is I drove 14.5 hours straight from WA- once to SLC and another to Yosemite both within 1 month, just me and my kiddos. There was laughter, backseat fighting, many backseat naps, many stops to In-N-Out, tons of pictures, and so many great memories. My family and friends thought I was crazy. Maybe I was.:-)

  19. this is so adorable, my fun fact is for fun and relaxation… I make all my own cards for friends and family, have not purchased a card in over 15 years.

  20. such a cute dress!! love it!! My fun fact about me: for fun and relaxation, I make all my birthday, thank you, and Christmas cards for friends and family. Have not purchased a store bought card on over 15 years!

  21. Fun fact: My name is Sarah Conner and I get at least 1 terminator reference/joke a week from random people.

  22. I always feel fabulous after visiting Purpose. The ladies that work there are so refreshing and kind. I love that I can be apart of helping others as I buy products. Fun fact, hmmm….. I have 3 girls, and I nanny for 2 girls. They keep me on my toes, give me lots giggles, and warm my heart ♡

  23. Fun fact: I am Purpose’s photographer but I mainly shoot weddings and seniors! Interestingly, I have not gotten around to buying one of our dresses yet, but I definitely need to! Would love to win one, and it’s so exciting seeing all the support our mission has gotten.

  24. I’m 30 years old, but I don’t feel like I should be! I’m addicted to flats and cardigans : ) I’m also a HUGE animal lover. I moved away from Washington right when Purpose was getting ready to open, and I hope to move back one day to check it out!

  25. I love to shop at Purpose and love the purpose dress. It is a perfect fit for my body after having twins 10 weeks ago.

  26. I love Purpose because my daughters (in their 20’s) and I all can shop there and find things we love!
    My fun fact is that I read the comics in the newspaper everyday without fail, my favorite comic strip is Frazz!

  27. hi! My name is Jenni! Fun fact about me is I am a mom of
    4 little ones under the age of 5! And I love it!
    P.S. Purpose is my favorite store to shop at- they help me stay
    In style even though I’m a mom!

  28. I love shopping at Purpose! Fun.fact, I have a hopeless affinity for wool coats and fun purses or bags.

  29. I moved to the States from Germany a little over a year ago and sometimes without noticing speak German in the middle of a conversation.

  30. I this dress. My fun fact is I usually don’t wear dresses…. But this one I absolutely would!!!!

  31. I am a college student pursuing to become a teacher to teach English abroad or foreign languages in the United States. I love Purpose because I love knowing that the money I spend on their clothing helps others in need. Defiantly one of my all times favorite stores!

  32. I love shopping at Purpose! My fun fact: I used to collect pigs (I don’t anymore but am still secretly drawn to pig things).

  33. I love good news, sauer kraut, pink lipstick, and giveaways;) have an awesome week, and thanks for the opportunity to share a little about ourselves:)

  34. Love Purpose! Fun fact, I applied for a job somewhat outside of my field on a whim and now I love it and it has opened up so many more opportunities for me. Thanks!

  35. I heart the Purpose dress! I bought it in black to wear to an event and actually couldn’t resist wearing it ahead of time! I’d love to get one in the white and navy stripe!!!

  36. I went to Purpose for the first time before a Vegas trip and fell in love! I wore one of their rompers to see Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood. 😉

  37. A fun fact about me us that I love working with teenagers and have been a volunteer youth sponsor for 16 years!!

  38. Cute dress! I love Purpose! My fun fact is that I was a chaperone on a school trip to Cuba several weeks ago with high school Spanish students 🙂

  39. Hi! Love the Purpose Dress! I’ve had my eye on them since they debuted!! My Fun Fact: My husband and I have the same birthday which we got married on! It’s our birth-iversary 😀 (and our 1st niece was born on the same day two years ago!!)

  40. I think what you are doing is wonderful! I completey support and appreciate your inspiration and the Refined Woman. Wishing success and happiness always!

  41. Fun fact : I love math! I would love to work through all of the problems in a textbook and create the answer key. Could sit around and do math all day!

  42. I love teenager shows like degrassi, teen mom, ect. And I’m 30
    Not to weird huh? My husband thinks it is

  43. Love this dress. I actually have dresses like this from my college days. My daughter
    loves for me to wear them.

  44. My fun fact is I’m addicted to Purpose and have on multiple times found an outfit I loved on their Facebook page and called the store to have them ship it to my house. Online shopping/marketing at it’s best.

  45. Fun Fact: I have read twenty-two books this year and am currently in the middle of three more!
    I love Purpose — their mission, their clothes, and the ladies who work there! I would love to win a Purpose dress; I don’t have one yet and they are quite cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Love the purpose dresses! A fun fact about me is that I love trying new foods – whether a dish at a restaurant or a new recipe. It’s especially fun when it is an unexpected combination that turns out to be delicious. 🙂

  47. A fun fact about me is: I studied abroad for one semester in Israel and was offered 10 camels for my hand in marriage. I said “no.” 🙂

  48. fun fact: I am an artist in many different ways… “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts” ~HDT

    I honestly believe that our shopping CAN change the world, so affecting the quality of someones day, even if they live across the world from me, is worth it!

    **plus makes me feel guilt free when I buy more than planned at #purpose 😉 knowing that portions of my expense went to help another in need.

  49. I am a hairnstylist and when i wear my dresses from Purpose I always get complements!! And I like wine and beef jerkey for snacks!!

  50. I am part South African and very proud of that. I celebrate being both American and My South African heritage equally

  51. I love Purpose! I grew up in Bremerton and I’m so happy to see such a wonderful store that gives back. The clothes and accessories are gorgeous and fashionable. The staff that were there when I visited were so sweet to me, my sister and my two kids!!!

  52. Love these dresses and everything that they stand for. My husband and baby girl and I love in a tiny cottage in Poulsbo, and we’re all about sustainability – including retail and merchandising practices! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed!

  53. love this! fun fact about myself (inspired by one of the earlier posters) is that i once hula-hooped for an hour, only stopping because my father said it was time for bed 🙂 I was seven.

  54. Just visited our Purpose store last week for the first time and fell in love with everything! Oh, and my daughter did too!! My fun fact is that I modeled my wedding dress and then my mother’s wedding dress in my church Mother’s Day luncheon! It was very emotional:)

  55. Thanks to Purpose, their amazing stylists and their even more amazing clothing I have come out of my shell and added so much fun to my wardrobe! I can’t wait to add more summer clothes and continue to build my confidence.

  56. Yeah! Local give away! Fun fact about myself it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how I’m feeling I can always turn on and watch ANY Audrey Hepburn movie. I love them all and can watch all of them over and over again. Never gets old.

  57. Love Love this dress and your amazing concept of giving back to help the ladies in need. Your photography is so nice and professional. Keep up the good work!

  58. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy giving compliments to complete strangers. My goal is compliment as many people as I can. From hair, to makeup, clothes, shoes, bags or accessories, I love giving out good vibes and making them feel great about themselves. I was taught at a very young age to be compassionate. I believe kindness and compliments are very rare these days and even if they are scarce, I would like to be apart of the change to a better, healthier world. Thank you for this lovely giveaway and best of luck to everyone who entered! Have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂

  59. I’m born and raised in Bremerton and served my country for 20 years. I would enjoy a classic outfit that wasn’t a uniform love the store

  60. I love The Purpose Boutique! I’m a new mom, and I work full-time, everytime I shop in the Bremeton location, I know I will find a cute outfit, and receive the BEST Clostumer service!

  61. I love Purpose! A fun fact about me is I love doing yoga with my dog. Thanks for the giveaway!

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