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The Refined Woman has come a long way in the past four years.  We started as a style blog with a Tumblr site, and have grown into an online magazine that features our own journeys, along with the stories of powerful, inspiring women.

Our First Photoshoot with Bess Friday!

There have been personal changes as well… Em became a mom, battled with postpartum anxiety, and is now chasing around a toddler.  I left Southern California to chase my dreams in the Big Apple, fell in love, had my heart broken, and continue to take new risks.

I can confidently say that The Refined Woman would not exist without the incredible community of women who have supported, challenged, and collaborated with us.

They have become our tribe, and if we closed shop today I would walk away with forever friends who have deeply impacted my life.  It is a high honor.

One of the brands we get to create with are the talented ladies of Blogzilla Studio.  They design websites — including our newly updated website, which we are so in love with!  We are huge fans of their clean aesthetic and design.

A few fun things we now have to offer are:

We are thankful for our humble beginnings.  Thank you, Blogzilla, for being a part of our tribe!  We are so very grateful!

Natalie and the Blogzilla team have been massive supporters of The Refined Woman for the past few years.  And today we’re doing a GIVEAWAY with them right here for a free Blogzilla theme!

All you have to do to enter is to hop on over to their site and tell us in the comment section below which theme you love the most! 

**UPDATE! Congrats to Melissa Hoffmann for winning this giveaway!


Kat + Em



33 comments on “Giveaway | Blogzilla Website”

  1. I’m so grateful for this journey. And Em I cannot believe how much we have changed over the past four years! It’s been so incredible to do this thing with you + our team!

  2. Blogzilla does such a wonderful job, it’s no wonder The Refined Woman’s site looks this beautiful!!! So happy to hear about your growth and truth. Y’all are an inspiration 🙂 Keep up the gorgeous work, ladies!

  3. So many pretty options, how’s a girl to choose?! Blogzilla is doing it right! I’ll take one of each. But if I HAD to pick, it would be a toss up between Mell (I love the overall look and aesthetic of it) and Unveil (the package option of blog/portfolio/shop is a dream maker).

  4. It took me so long to decide because I actually love them all for different reasons! Such beautiful and clean designs. My fav is Brooklyn (also a big fan of Mell!). Congrats on 4 years beauties!!

  5. My absolute favorite theme is Unveil. The websites simple yet elegant layout gives off such clean and professional vibes. I absolutely adore the thought of getting to share my artwork with others through a online store. Being able to have your Instagram feed come directly through the website is pure genius for people like me who’s work is mainly based out of Instagram. The gorgeous design added with the amazing features, is the perfect combination in my eyes.

  6. Brooklyn is definitely my favorite. It’s so personal putting picture out there for people to see. I’m creating my own business with cards and crafts and although I’m still playing around with photography sometimes I get a little shy about posting things but after I post them I’m surprised by the great response. Brooklyn is my favorite because pictures say a thousand words. Love it!

  7. I was literally looking at the Blogzilla themes a few hours before seeing this post! Congrats on all the amazing work you’ve done here ladies. You should be so incredibly proud.

    And my fav theme is Brooklyn!

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