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Ch ch changes

So this is the second time I’ve had a baby, and I’m noticing a pattern to what happens immediately afterward:
– My passion for personal style is revitalized
– I feel excited by new designers
– I start planning my summer wardrobe and shopping on my phone as I while away the hours nursing a baby
Perhaps it’s a result of finally not having to dress a bump, which is challenging since I usually feel physically terrible and just want to wear sweatpants and lay in bed.
After I have a baby I’m always impatient to wear real clothes. While a reasonable person would be patient and simply wait for their pre-pregnancy clothes to fit again, I find myself shopping and thrifting for new items.
Most days when I’m momming it up I find myself in an oversized men’s button up and vintage Levi’s. I want my style to feel natural, unfussy. I’ve always loved linen and now more than ever I’m mixing in flowy linen tops. I’m invigorated by vintage and secondhand shopping because it feels like a low pressure way to test out styles like ruffles or super bohemian dresses.
Fashion helps me not lose myself in the often all-encompassing role of being a mom. Sure, i have every excuse to wear yoga pants and nursing tank tops every day, and if i’m feeling tired I can default to those staples.
But I love having a way to express myself and finding clothes that are comfortable, nursing-friendly and exciting. It makes a big difference in my days.
What we’re wearing (a few new favorite designers + vintage) :
smocks (mine + charlie) by innika choo / vintage levis thrifted and cut by me – selling now at emjaynescott / sandals by beatrice valenzuela / baby jumpsuit by arq
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