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A lot has changed since the last time I was pregnant. I’ve learned many lessons through the capsule wardrobe series, and this time I am excited to be applying that knowledge to my fall “maternity” capsule.

The funny thing is, there isn’t  much in my maternity capsule that I wouldn’t otherwise be wearing. My goal has been to simply find a few little tricks to make my normal wardrobe stay functional throughout most of my pregnancy. This works especially well in my case since my style is already built upon the foundation of baggy pants, flowy tops, and the like.

Enter : The Vest. You could substitute Vest here for a number of items : a button up shirt, a kimono, etc. Anything that can be worn open.

The trick here is to get some layering pieces. I’ve stocked up on two basic layering tanks from Storq – one in black and one in white.   Then I  just add the pants, and a Vest/Button-up/Kimono over the top! It’s a surprisingly versatile combo and it’s also a nice alternative when I need to look put together or dressed up but I’m not feeling like wearing a dress.

These pants from The Podolls were a part of my original Fall Capsule!







Hair + Makeup and Photography c/o Melissa Hoffmann

Sunnies c/o Ditto : It’s a way to rent designer sunglasses! Use the code EMTHEGEM to get your first month free.



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