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Capsule | Sliding into Fall & Winter



Photos c/o Tutti del Monte

Sometimes I’m surprised by the pieces I gravitate toward. I may save for months to buy a skirt or top, and then find that it sits in my closet and collects dust. On the other hand, there are things I buy that I feel a bit unsure of, and then fall head over heels in love with.

This summer I lived in these denim gauchos by AYR. I know they’re not the most flattering silhouette on me, but somehow I found myself reaching for them day after day–whether to go to drinks, church, client meetings, or a shoot. And a part of me wants to buy three more pairs.

I realized that even though summer was over, I wasn’t ready to part with them. So I spent some time in my closet, trying on tops that would work for the fall and winter. I came up with this outfit, and am tickled pink about it! I love finding new outfits with pieces I already own. This JCrew turtleneck was on clearance a few years ago for $9.99. It has served me so well! It’s a double win: new outfit with no money leaving my bank account!



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