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The very first CD I ever owned was Ace of Base.  The summer of 3rd grade I blasted ‘I saw the Sign’ on my boom box so many times that my dad came to my room one day and told me if I kept doing it I would ruin the song.

I was quite a literal child, and remember feeling so confused when he left.  I thought if I kept listening to the song that my CD was literally going to break.   Thankfully for me and to my dad’s dismay the CD didn’t break when I burned a whole through it playing it on repeat all summer.

Two decades later and still not much has changed.  After hearing a new song I like I’ll listen to for 10 days straight until I need a break.  I’m all in.  I’m the same way with clothes.  When I find an outfit I love I’ll wear it as often as I deem socially acceptable which is basically every other day until it is falling apart.

There’s usually one outfit each season that’s this way for me.  This summer it’s my white tank, black cotton shorts, and black wedges.  All of which were purchased at Target — the whole outfit under $60.

If you see me on the subway or out and about this summer in the city; it’s highly likely that I’ll be listening to Lemonade on repeat with this outfit on repeat.



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