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I tend to keep my capsule the same when I’m pregnant, with the exception of leggings. I don’t normally go for leggings — I’m all about my jeans.

But as the belly grows, there comes a point where wearing baggy pants and baggy tops makes me feel like I’m ginormous. So leggings are nice and slimming when the bump starts to get out of hand. I love this combo with my favorite tunic from The Podolls. This outfit has gotten a lot of play since we’ve started The Capsule experiment, and I’m happy to see it transition nicely into my maternity wear.

fall_capsule_16_89 fall_capsule_16_80
fall_capsule_16_96 fall_capsule_16_91 fall_capsule_16_97 fall_capsule_16_100

Hair + Makeup + Photography c/o Melissa Hoffmann



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