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Photos c/o Sara Kerens

**WARNING** This is (technically) not a capsule post.

My sister was in town recently, and we went to TopShop to look at the new Beyoncé athletic wear collection because we have priorities. Beyoncé and work out clothes are my two favorite things, and to have them combined? Well you can just watch me drop the mic and single ladies dance my way out of the room.

Much to my dismay, the only size left was extra extra small.

But turning my lemons into lemonade (if you don’t get the reference…stop everything and watch Beyoncé’s film Lemonade) I turned away from Bey’s workout clothes, saw this dress, and added it to our pile.

My sister was on the hunt for something to wear to the Beyoncé concert (go figure). And I didn’t need anything, because I’m doing the Capsule and being a good girl.

But then I tried this dress on.

And I twirled in it.

I thought of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and my secret dream of dancing salsa in Cuba under the stars and it was all over for me.

Capsule or not, I had to get it.

I feel like a sassy salsa dancer every time I wear it, and always end up twirling my way through the city.

Sometimes you just gotta throw the rules out the window and have a Havana Night.

TopShop.CubaDress7 TopShop.CubaDress1 TopShop.CubaDress2   TopShop.CubaDress4 TopShop.CubaDress6     TopShop.CubaDress8 TopShop.CubaDress9   TopShop.CubaDress5

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