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Capsule | Again with the Button Up


fredasalvador-fredagirls-fall2016capsule-6 Photos c/o Tutti del Monte

How do I know something is Kat Harris Capsule approved? If I’ve worn the same outfit three times in one week.

The day we shot this it was my third consecutive day of wearing the exact same outfit. I also wore it twice the week before — thankfully I wear awesome perfume: Chance by Chanel.

It’s safe to say that boyfriend jeans and white button-up are the perfect part of a capsule for me.
A few fun facts:

  • This button up is actually a pullover. It replaces a button-up that I had for years until it started falling apart. AYR is my go-to for comfy basics, so when I saw this at their showroom I snagged it. Everything I own from them is of high quality, and can be worn throughout the year.
  • I wear this when I’m working from a coffee shop, have a casual lifestyle or engagement session in the park, or dinner on a week night with a friend. It’s a look that’s easy and casual that I can wear throughout my day. I’m realizing I need more outfits like this. I love the special looks, but these types of outfits are clutch for my everyday life!

What’s one of your go-to looks for your every day life?


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