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But First Yoga Pants


What is that article of clothing that you put on and just feel great in? For me it’s my yoga pants.

Maybe it’s because I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid. Or that I spent most of my 20s in workout clothes. But when I put on my yoga pants…

I feel strong.
I feel beautiful.
I feel confident.
I feel playful.
I feel like me.

And I feel immensely grateful. Grateful for a body that is alive and strong. Grateful for my health, which allows me to practice yoga, go on hikes, swim, run up and down subway stairs, kayak, paddle board, and dance. (And yes, I’ve worn my yoga pants to parties on a Saturday night to go dancing in!)

They may just be workout pants, but I feel like a million bucks in them. So before I go into my winter Capsule Series I have to start with my trusty yoga pants. Because when it comes to my wardrobe staples, these puppies will always be around!


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