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Promise Tangeman-Wurzell is an artistic fashion junky who grew up loving the arts and expression. Following her love and desire to improve her craft, she attended Northwest College of Art and Design, double majoring in Graphic Design and Fine Art.  Promise and her team at Go Live Hq organize workshops, design and sell website themes, craft custom websites, and help people launch what they love. She is also the cofounder of Designer Vaca, a collaborative vacation that gathers hundreds of female designers of all kinds from around the world to dream, relax, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Growing up I really wanted to be
A babysitter! I think it was because I had some really inspiring babysitters that I really looked up to. Never underestimate the impact of babysitters, nannies, teachers, coaches or influencers.

My most-used emojis are
– two hand high five
– wink with tongue out
– lightening bolt
– fist bump

My go-to order at a coffee shop is
Regular coffee with heavy cream

I don’t know how I ever lived without
Dry shampoo. I use it daily, even when my hair is clean. I love the extra texture that it adds.

One thing people don’t know about me is
I was homeschooled in grade school. Those years were extremely formative and instiled a curious, creative, and playful spirit.

My real life hero is
My husband, Brian. Hands down. It’s inspiring to be married to someone I wish I could be like. He’s endlessly positive. He never turns down an opportunity to get to know someone new. He’s extremely fascinated by people and loves everyone. (This also sounds like the description of my dog! I’m surrounded by inspiring creatures).

What I love about my work is
The ability to pioneer new things and see progress. One of the things I love about owning a small business is the ability to turn the ship quickly and effect change. When an area needs improvement my team and I can get on it, tweak it, set it in the right direction and reap the benefits of our hard work. It’s like the gratification you get from shining an old spoon! I just love it.

How I got started with my current career
After I graduated from design school I got a job as a graphic designer working on team. I didn’t like how my teammates and I were treated and I didn’t love working for an organization. So, on the side I started doing freelance work. i started a website and blog and would post my freelance projects.. I saved my money. Little by little I began getting more freelance requests.

When I felt comfortable to take the risk, I quit my day job and began freelancing full time. The demand began to increase and eventually I was able to put together a team that has now formed into a company.

Currently my team and I at create branding and websites for creative small businesses, entrepreneurs, and girl bosses. And we have way too much fun doing it. Your side hustling capabilities are powerful. All of my successes have started as a side hustle that grow, bloom, and blossom into larger opportunities.


The dumbest thing I did when I was starting out
Was wait for everything to be perfect before starting, launching, creating, trying, making, dreaming, etc. I battle perfectionism and I’ve wasted so much time and many great ideas because the circumstances weren’t just right. Now I believe that everything is a work in progress. So, just make progress.

My typical day looks like
A typical weekday day when I’m not traveling would probably include:

  • Waking up around 6:30
  • Having a time of prayer, reflection, and writing the things that I’m thankful for with a cup of warm lemon water and honey in hand.
  • Breakfast. Probably a green smoothie
  • Getting dressed: normally just showering, brushing teeth and jumping in some lounge clothes to get stuff done in my home office.
  • Emails, interviews, or any admin work that needs to be done.
  • Phone calls with any clients, team members, or potential collaborations
  • Lunch with my pup outside on the porch to get some sun/vitamin D
  • Work on any design projects, odds & ends, or crafting any talks for speaking at conferences.
  • My pup barks at the UPS guy dropping off a package.
  • Crossfit with my husband Brian at 5:30 or 6:30 pm
  • Picking up dinner on the way home. Probably Waba Grill or Chipotle
  • Back to the house for a DVR TV show OR some time to talk about our day together!
  • Bed time around 10:30 pm

I used to think success meant
Being in highest demand. Being everyone’s first choice. Being popular.

My current definition of success is
Freedom. Creating a business which allows me the freedom to spend my time, talents, and money as I feel led. And being able to use the fruits of my success to benefit others.

An example of when I had to push through my insecurities
I had to decide between coasting as a freelance soloprenuer or growing the business into a company that included team members. I struggled with feelings like: Will I be a good boss? Will people want to work for me? Do I have what it takes to lead a company?

I know my work/life balance is out of sync when
I begin to stress about the little things. I make it a habit to write out the things I’m thankful for on a regular basis. It helps keep me grounded and focused on the things that really matter.

The last time I created something I was proud of was
When we designed and launched Sophia Amoruso and the girl boss team would definitely be on my dream client list. And we’re working on another re-design for them right now.

I wish I could tell my younger self
To stop worrying and overthinking things.

The legacy I hope to leave is
That I inspire others to:

  • Courageously go after what they are made to do
  • Live a life fully alive and awake to all the wonders God has for them
  • Have a heart for the world and give freely of their time, talents, and finances to help the lives of others.




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