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Jules Newmark is the founder and president of newMARK models.  Jules got her start writing for fashion and lifestyle magazines in college. After spending a year studying magazine publishing at NYU, she discovered the modeling industry — and her passion for helping people follow their dreams. She currently resides in LA where she loves snowboarding, hiking, exploring LA and keeping up with the girls of newMARK models.

Growing up I really wanted to be
A marine biologist! I worked every summer at an aquarium after attending camp all my younger years. I am obsessed with everything ocean.

My go-to order at a coffee shop is
Any amazing herbal tea, off coffee for now and natural energy is amazing!

I don’t know how I ever lived without
My customized closets.

One thing people don’t know about me is
I love collage and making cool scrapbooks.

My real life hero is

My dad. He graduated high school at 16, became an aeronautical engineer and worked hard to follow his dreams. He was the first in his family to go to college and went on to build a company all while loving life, traveling and having fun! His stories from the journey are epic.

What I love about my work is
I get to make other people’s dreams come true.

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The hardest thing about my work is
Modeling can be difficult for girls because one day, they’re cool and the next, another girl is. Dealing with the highs and lows can be tough!

How I got started with my current career
After following my dreams to become an editor at a fashion magazine, I realized it might not be my not future. I reached out to a modeling agency in San Diego and was hired!

The dumbest thing I did when I was starting out
I knew nothing about working with models. I booked a girl on a hair job and was so excited to tell her. It was great money (I was shocked at how much they got paid) and remember thinking, “I can’t wait to call with the good news!” But she threw a fit and started screaming because she’d have to color her hair. I was crushed!

My typical day looks like
I wake up during the week at 5 am. I stretch, listen to a podcast and journal. I love to reflect for a moment, put out my intentions for the day and list what I am grateful for. I love a healthy breakfast – usually eggs and tea.



3 comments on “Boss Ladies | Jules Newmark”

  1. Jules is not only a smart, beautiful, ambitious refined woman, she is also a kind person. To me, that makes all of her many accomplishments even more wonderful. She is a role model for her girls.. Continued success, dear Jules!
    And kudos to her parents for all that they did and do to encourage and nurture her.

  2. Hi Jules~ You don’t know me, but my niece is one of your models. I just wanted to give you a glimpse through the eyes of her. She sees beauty in everything. She sees that you are smart buisness woman, she takes a piece of that from you for later in life. She sees you are caring and compassionate, she holds that in her heart. At the end of the day, she is 23 has her whole life ahead, and you are a bigger part of that than you may ever know. Thank you. Thank you for being a role model, mentor and friend to her. Thank you for just being you.

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