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Boss Ladies | Carly Heitlinger


boss ladies : carly heitlinger

photo courtesy bekka palmer

Here’s what I know about Miss Carly from The College Prepster.  She is a class act.  Of course in the way she dresses (always put together with timeless style).   We met last year at my Fashion Week Brunch and have worked a few times together since.  What inspires me about Carly is she is a woman on a mission.  She is driven, business savvy, so organized (I want her to come in + organize my entire life), knows who she is and knows where she is headed.  Even though she’s years younger than me, I have a lot to learn from this woman.  Carly is a true #GirlBoss.



How I got started doing what I’m doing now
I started my blog as a freshman at Georgetown University (back in 2008!). I was struggling to adjust to college life and started my blog as a creative outlet!

The dumbest thing I ever did when I was starting out was
Choosing a lime green, very hard on the eyes, background color for my blog. Ha!

If I was an emoji I would be the
Sassy girl emoji.

My last meal on earth would be
Dominos pepperoni pizza with Cinna Stix.

I can’t stand when other people
Stop in the middle of the sidewalk and fiddle with their phone.

Are you more like your mom or dad?
50/50 split.

Growing up I really wanted to be a

My biggest guilty pleasure is
Watching Dance Moms– It gets crazier and crazier but I can’t stop watching. 

One thing people don’t know about me
I’ve never broken a bone.

Most likely to
Get the lyrics to a song wrong.

My spirit animal is a
Duck: calm on the surface, but actually moving a mile a minute.

Coffee or Tea?

Top of my bucket list is to
Travel to Paris!

Night owl or early bird?
Both actually, it poses a problem when I hit the proverbial wall every afternoon!

The item of clothing that makes me feel like a boss is
My nude pumps!

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