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Beauty Is…Vision |  How to Set Clear Goals for Yourself

I’ve been talking a lot about goal setting this 2015 + I’m so excited to be sharing our first video post for AOL! If you’re anything like me, then you’re a multi-tasker.  We are multi-faceted beings, which is amazing, but can also mean as women we are wearing a lot of hats at once.  From leader, to mogul, to mother, to wife, to sister, to daughter, to friend, to mentor, to you name it, and in each of those spheres in our lives there are a multitude of dreams and goals that we long to achieve and believe that we were destined to attain.  It is my firm belief that before you can make any movement in your life you need to know where you are going.

    1. Vision:  Simon Sinek says people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do what you do.  There must be a deeper sense of purpose, an overarching theme that transcends your life.  This vision will act as a plumb line to all you do.  Once you know your vision for yourself and for the world, you can funnel all of your other goals, dreams, tasks, to-do’s through that lens.
      • For example:  My vision is to create a culture where women know that their worth, value, identity and beauty.  In all that I do, whether it’s photography, my blog, writing, speaking, sitting on the subway, talking to my banker, I want to fill the atmosphere with encouragement and empowerment to the people around me that they matter.  Now that I am clear on the deeper goal in my life; it acts as guidepost for everything else I’m involved in.
      • So take a few minutes (don’t worry I’ll be here when you get back) + journal about YOUR WHY.  Why do you what you do?  Looking back on your life 50 years from now, what legacy will you want to leave this world?  What message to you want to send to the next generation?
    2. Clarity:  Now that you know your point Z, let’s start getting specific.  A lot of times people know where they want to go, but because it seems so far away it seems unattainable.  We must lessen that gap, by creating daily goals to keep us in check.
      • Take 10 minutes and write down 10 goals you want to achieve + by when + for each goal write at least 10 specific goals underneath with deadlines.
    3. Accountability:  We were never meant to do life on our own.  My belief is that creativity begets creativity.  Intentionally I surround myself with other creatives with similar passion + with drive + amibition.  Seeing other people chase their dreams inspires me even more to chase mine. 
      • For example, every other week I meet with a group of creatives from 8:30-9:30a.m. and we talk about our goals from the time before, updates, set goals for the next week + then in-between meetings we encourage one another.  I cannot tell you how beneficial this has been not only for my business but so many other areas of my life.
    4. Acknowledge Fear.  What can happen when we start chasing our dreams is all of our fears and insecurities rise up to the surface screaming.  You’re not good enough.  You don’t have what it takes.  You’re a quitter.  Why would so-and-so hire you…you don’t have the portfolio.  Don’t pretend the fear isn’t there, acknowledge, say thank you for visiting, and move on.  It is my belief that the existence of fear + resistance in our lives when we are chasing our dreams acts as further proof that I am on the right track.  Dream chasing is vulnerable, of course you’re going to feel fearful at times, but we get the choice to not let it run our lives anymore.
    5. Just Keep Moving.  This may be the most important thing to remember + to keep doing.  You gotta keep taking one step forward.  It may seem like it’s just the tiniest baby step ever, but trust me a lot of little yes’s over a long period of time can create a tidal wave of movement in your life.  What distinguishes the committed creative from the apathetic is merely movement.  Be committed no matter what to make steps forward.  You’ll probably experience a lot of fear and resistance.

    Your dreams matter.

    Your voice in this world matters.

    You have talent and potential + a journey that no one else in this universe has.

    The world needs you.  We need each other.  Let’s do this!



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