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An Ode to the Henley Tee



The biggest challenge of the capsule wardrobe is figuring out what my style really is. Since we started The Refined Woman, the style section has been my playground. I enjoy the opportunity to express myself creatively in this way.

I’m incredibly visual, and as I’ve tried out different trends, the way that I’ve been able to determine whether they really ring true is to see how I look in these posts. It hasn’t been the easiest learning experience, nor has it been the cheapest. And I’ve learned a lot of style lessons the hard way — I can’t tell you how many style posts I would love to go back and delete!

Choosing a seasonal capsule wardrobe has challenged me to be intentional with my own closet. Through eliminating the clothes I don’t regularly wear, I’ve realized that what feels most like me are the clothes I wear a lot. Day in and day out.

Last month I was in New York for Fashion Week Kat and I were getting ready to photograph the Mara Hoffman show for our friends at Freda Salvador. I had been in the city for 3 freezing days and I was still recovering from a terrible sinus infection. Usually events like this give me an  excuse to wear something fun and really out there — because when else can I do that?

This year, I just needed to feel like myself. It can be intimidating to photograph at Fashion Week because it’s not my normal arena. Throw me in front of a 21 person bridal party and I’m the queen. At Fashion Week, I am still figuring out my voice and where I belong. It’s like high school all over again.

So I wore this outfit. A henley tee that sometimes I sleep in. A pair of black skinny jeans (they’re like mascara for your legs) and my Freda boots. Flat boots were key so I wouldn’t fall on my face in front of another fashion icon.

And it felt right. It felt good. I like being comfortable. It makes me feel confident. And that, my friends, is everything.

the henley tee / the refined woman

the henley tee / the refined woman

the henley tee / the refined woman

the henley tee / the refined woman




Henley | Jeans | Boots | Beanie | Belt (Vintage)

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