empowering women to walk in dignity, authenticity, strength and femininity.

 The Refined Woman is dedicated to empowering our readers to walk fully in their worth, value, identity and purpose.

We understand the power of story, and are committed to authentically sharing the beautiful and painful moments of life.

We champion lives of balance, in which done is better than perfect.

We are certain that doing life together is far better than doing it alone, and we create opportunities for face-to-face community by hosting workshops, retreats, and events.

We find joy in the laughter of friends, the perfect pair of pants, and dancing till the sun comes up.

We know that being present to the process matters more than reaching the destination.

We believe that our voices matter, and that you belong here.


After years of photographing New York Fashion Week, I left one September feeling uninspired.  I could never afford runway clothes, and even if I could, they wouldn’t be flattering on my athletic figure.  It seemed like there was no room in the fashion industry for real working women.

So I thought—why not start something?

I reached out to some girlfriends and had them send pictures of what they wore to work, along with a few sentences of why the outfit did or didn’t work. Each week I featured a different woman on my photography blog, and after a few months I knew it needed to become its own thing.

I invited Emily to join me, and a few days later I drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and we dreamed up The Refined Woman in a cafe.  We shot 3 months of content, built a Tumblr site, ordered business cards, and bought flights to the next New York Fashion Week­ so we could sneak into shows as ‘fashion bloggers’.

We were excited and naïve, had no plans and very little structure.  Most weeks we flew by the seat of our pants, and decided, via text, who’s posting today?  More often than I’d like to admit we threw together a post and went live without even using the spellchecker.

Empowering women to be themselves

So much has changed since then.  What started as a style blog has turned into a place where we share our honest stories and create opportunities for women to share their own struggles and victories.

We’re grateful for our small and humble beginning.  The past four years have shaped us, and along the way we’ve had adventures, lots of laughs, and formed unexpected friendships.  Thank you for being a part of our tribe!

xo, Kat


KATHERINE HARRIS – CO-FOUNDER, Educator, and Speaker

Refined Woman Co-Founder Katherine Harris is a speaker and educator who is committed to empowering women to pursue their dreams, overcome their fears, and walk in dignity and strength.

I’m a Texas girl living in Brooklyn who loves dance parties, craft cocktails, and sauces of every kind. Whether we’re best friends or strangers on the subway, you’ll learn quickly that I’m passionate about God, family, yoga, adventure, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and women knowing their worth.  Everything I do — writing, speaking, hosting events, photography, — gives me the opportunity to share my message: You are worthy, your voice matters, and you belong here!

Elizabeth Boocks – Editor

Refined Woman Editor Elizabeth Boocks is a mentor and leader who champions and empowers others.

I’m the friend who makes sea salt chocolate chip cookies and does a happy dance while serving them.  I love Jesus, books and photography, am obsessed with light, and can’t imagine a world without music.  Who you are, as a human, matters far more to me than what you do, and I give bonus points for good hugs.  I champion hope, fight for redemption, and believe in the power of words.  And I’m thrilled to be part of The Refined Woman.