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My Summer Go-To // Off-the-Shoulder Dress


Photos c/o Tutti del Monte

Do you have a go-to outfit for summer?  Something you can wear anywhere from three to ten times in one week.  It’s sort of like when you find a new song on Spotify and play it on repeat for 3 weeks solid before getting the tiniest bit sick of it.  I always end up having one or two things each season that I live in.  Most of the time I know it within the first few moments of putting it on.

I got this Old Navy dress when it was supposed to be spring.  When it arrived mid-April it was 30 degrees outside and raining.  I tried it on, did a few twirls in front of my mirror and felt great.  I knew this would be the summer dress for me.

When I was in high school I had an outfit schedule.  My friends and I didn’t want to repeat an outfit for at least 3 weeks.  We strategically planned when we would borrow one another’s clothes and absolutely make sure there was no cross over. Looking back I cringe at how ridiculous this was.

My high school self would cringe at the site of my current closet.  It’s much more sparse, but full of things I love, which I wear as an often as I want.

I may wear the same black dress 5 days in a row because I like it, I feel pretty it in, and it’s comfortable.  I no longer waste time thinking about the last time I wore something.

For me, that’s what fashion is really about is:  simplicity, feeling beautiful and comfortable in my skin.  If I can accomplish those things, I consider it a win!



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