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NYFW | Lincoln Center Fun



[Outift Details below…Head to Toe JCrew--with my Ona Camera Bag]

You know how when Katniss goes to the Capital in the first Hunger Games, and everyone is dressed so weird + is trying so hard to look cool and be unique and blah blah blah?

Ok…well that’s sort of how Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week is.  It can be a lot of what I like to refer to as “pea-cocking”.  People walking around “pretending” to be on their cell phones answering an extremely important “email”, but really they’re secretly hoping that someone would please, please, puh-lllllease take their picture and feature it on Women’s Wear Daily.

My personal goal when I’m walking up to Lincoln Center to go to a show: DEAR JESUS, PLEASE DON’T FALL ON YOUR FACE IN YOUR 5-INCH HEELS THAT YOU CAN’T WALK IN”.

At the JCrew presentation a few days ago, a few of my friends and I just decided to have some fun with the whole Lincoln Center experience.  Life’s too short to take yourself seriously…even at New York Fashion Week…especially at NYFW.




Frederick a.k.a. such a HAM.


Then I found a super cute girl so I had to snap a “real” street style shot:)


Then this tall woman passed me, and I was like “Hey that looks like Karlie Kloss“.

My friends response:  No…that’s not Karlie Kloss.

Me:  YES IT IS….and the win for me…(because it was).

Honestly though how darling is she?  Can’t you just see us being friends? (totally right?)  Her + Filmmaker Casey Neistat were making some sort of iPhone video…can’t wait to check that out.


Lot’s of selfie takin’ at Lincoln Center.  Amy Stone you’re probably the cutest.


More pictures… he’s jumpin’ for joy.


And one of the hardest working women at NYFW:  Sara Kerens ladies + gentlemen.  The cutest Southern Fashion Photographer taking NYC + the world by storm.  Get. To.  Know.  Her.

Unfortunately my JCrew Collection Skirt is sold out, but they have some other amazing options now.  This is my fave.  See more below!

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