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real talk, real moms : what's in my (diaper) bag

The contents have changed since my 2 1/2 year old, Charlie, was a newborn. But a lot has surprisingly stayed the same – there are some things I can no longer be without. As a working mom I decided to make it just a diaper bag rather than a diaper bag/purse, because sometimes I would take my wallet out, forget to put it back in, and not realize it until I was at the store with a shopping cart was full of groceries.

the refined woman : what's in my diaper bag

The bag : Fjallraven Kanken Backpack. Being hands-free is lifesaving for a parent. Consider a backpack over a purse — you can thank me later. Bonus: as my daughter grows she’ll be able to wear it herself.

Snacks! It’s critically important to have sufficient snacks on hand at all times. I like to use the Green Sprouts bamboo Snack Cups for dried cereal and it’s always nice to have a Larabar in there in case Charlie or I need something more substantial.

Water cup – I love the lids from SipSnap – that way I can fill a little cup for her wherever we are.

Diapers / Undies – We’re in the middle of potty training so I generally have a few pairs of backup undies or pull ups in our bag. When Charlie was in diapers full time we used Earth’s Best brand. They don’t leak like other diapers, are a great value and were only diapers that didn’t cause Charlie to break out into a terrible diaper rash!

Wipes : I like the Burts Bees wipes because I end up using them for everything—Charlie’s face, my face, and everything in between. Charlie has extremely sensitive skin so we splurge on these.

Desitin: I have tried every diaper cream on the face of this beautiful earth, and this stuff is a miracle. It just works. It might have magic unicorn dust in it.

Cerave ointment: I use this for Charlie’s ezcema. We also have recently been using Hydrolatum (after a recommendation by our doctor,) which is a mix between an ointment and a moisturizing cream.

Sunscreen: Neutrogena pure + free baby. Very gentle and good for faces. I don’t mind using it on myself which is a bonus.

Baby nail scissors: This little elephant-shaped scissor pack by Rubis kept me sane while trimming my baby’s tiny dagger nails. So easy to use. I wish every parent knew about these!

Hand Sanitizer: I like this spray sanitizer from EO. It smells like lavender. Now that Charlie is using public potties I basically have to bathe her in it when we are done since she touches EVERYTHING.

Change of clothes: We always keep a spare shirt and pair of shorts in the bag. When Charlie was little it was just a onesie, and if we were going on a flight I would kept a spare shirt in there for me too.

Sunnies: Baby Gap makes my favorite!

Toys: You never know when you might need a little car on hand. I also like to have a small pad of paper and colored pencils in case we are eating out.

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