OUTFIT | Kimono Time

September 27, 2014

I sort of have a hard time calling this a kimono – probably because I lived in Japan for a while and this is not really a kimono at all.

But it’s not a robe is it? It’s kind of a robe.

I guess no matter what you call it it’s still pretty awesome. You know I’ve always been on board with sweatpants, and since I’ve had a baby my mantra for pretty much every new thing I buy is

1. It is comfortable?

2. Is it kind of like pajamas that I can wear in public?

If yes to both of those – buy in multiple colors. Repeat.

Heck I even wore this to a wedding a few weeks ago. I think that maybe I could have managed to get myself into a dress – but I figure that since I was carrying around a 3 month old people would give me a free pass just this once.

Don’t tell Kat though, I think she’d die if she saw me wearing this to a wedding.







This tunic from Zara is on sale too!

xo, Em

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